What happens when a white girl from Northern Michigan is raised listening to some of the greatest soul singers of all time? Well, most importantly, a deep love and respect for the passion in the music, but also the need to have an outlet to sing and play the songs. In the Winter of 2016, May Erlewine set out to create wholesome dance parties and music for the weary and grieving. These dance parties brought people out and were community inspired and oriented. This was how the Motivations came to be.

This 7-piece retro-groove band plays original and soul classics with May carrying the show invoking a positive and intentional message. It’s warm and fuzzy, it’s fun, AND it’s also not ignoring the real struggles and grief present in our lives. “Everyone’s welcome to be real and that’s the whole point.”, Erlewine says of the dance parties.

The result? An evening of small revolutions meant to shake things up, just enough. A room full of voices and motions and visions. People in a room, feeling and dancing and being together.
“Come on in, whatever you need. There’s no hungry heart that love can’t feed. Leave your worries on the welcome mat, we’ll welcome you wherever you’re at”
Some of these songs can be found on May’s EP the Little Things

The Motivations feature:

May Erlewine - on vocals, Max Lockwood - on bass, Michael Shimmin - on drums, Phil Barry - on Guitar, Eric Kuhn - on guitar, Mike Lynch - on keys, Terrence Massey - on Trumpet
Earthwork Music
The Earthwork Music collective believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.