Mother Lion - Released Today

..." I wished a way might be
My Heart to subdivide --
'Twould magnify -- the Gratitude --
And not reduce -- the Gold -- "
- Emily Dickinson

After over two years, it is with great joy today that I offer my new album, Mother Lion to the world.

It is an offering of vulnerability and raw hear...

A record for the hearts of the people

Hello there Dear One,

In the spring of 2016, I set out on a journey with my friend and producer, Tyler Duncan, to make a record - A record for the hearts of the people. A record to feel with, deeply. I don't think I've ever worked so hard on anything as an artist.

The songs written for this pr...

The Little Things EP

the little things

The results of the election have me reeling, I don’t know where to begin and I know that there is much to be done. I remain committed to serving the work ahead in the best ways I know how...

Lean Into the Wind EP Pre-Release

PRE-ORDER the "Lean Into the Wind" EP

I have a new EP coming your way and you can get a sample today! Pre-order the record and get the Nothing But Love single!

Recorded in March at La Luna studios, Lean Into the Wind offers a fresh batch of songs rich with layers of acoustic tone! Featuring Phi...

Music for Sprouts

There's a new magical place for families at the commons in Traverse City. Some special friends of Earthwork have been developing Elf for the past few years. It is now open and the community is absolutely loving it. The first music program there will be "Music for Sprouts"!

Our own Chris Dorman ...

Earthwork Music Shines On National Television

Every Monday and Tuesday night for weeks, our Michigan community has been gathering around the glow of our TVs watching our own, Joshua Davis make his way on NBC's top rated show, the Voice. With tears and pride we cheer on one of Michigan's most treasured singer songwriters. That's our Joshua Da...

Sweet By and By

It's been a wild ride since we recorded Where We Are in January. So much has happened along the way, and now the record is finished! I am really excited to be releasing the album this month.

The recording session was really special and potent. We asked our dear friend John Hanson to join us for ...

Power Shift Blend

Here they are, our brand new singles, produced by Tyler Duncan, featuring Trevor Hobbs! Officially released today on a bag of some of the best coffee in the world! To benefit a global network for climate change action! Introducing: Power Shift Blend !

It's 2014 and there is plenty of good work ...

Where We Are

May Erlewine is going into the studio once again to record a new album! With two hearts keeping time, this will be a special project.

My name is May Erlewine and I am entering the studio in the new year to put my heart into an album and offer it up to the world. This project will be my 7th full ...

Earthwork Music Collective Fall tour, round 1 (a revue)

For five days last week, Dede & the Dreamers, John Driscoll, DarleneYa, Joe Reilly, Seth and May, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, Sam Cooper, Strawberry Heritage, Bill Chesney, Micah Ling, & Michael Erlewine gathered together in friendship for community and the sake of music.

The original intenti...

Hello Friends

We wanted to wave at you as the fleeting weeks of summer bless our souls. Everyone we know is busy. Well, except for a few people. Cheers to those folks.

Our summer has been very full! Earthwork Music has released a FREE mid-summer sampler, featuring singles from the most recent half-dozen Eart...

Hello Friends and Happy February!

It has been a while this time. We have been experiencing the crisp cold and the snow covered wonderland. It has been a busy time and an especially challenging winter this year. So many people are experiencing great loss and trials of the heart. We have been thick in the grief of losing our dear f...

Hello Friends and Happy Spring!

Greetings to you from Northern Michigan. There is a nice thaw happening and new green is already in the works!

Many thanks to all who contributed to another great trip out west - the shows were fun and we were grateful to see our family and friends in the Portland Area. The last few weeks have b...
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